Dr. Arif M Rafi, MD

Name:Arif M Rafi
Specialty:Other Specialties—Pain Medicine
Anesthesiologist—Pain Medicine
Location:419 Georgian Place
Somerset, PA 15501

Phone: 814-701-2330 and 724-483-4282
Fax: 814-701-2476 , 724-483-4078, 412-221-1343
We specialise in interventional Pain management.Back pain, neck pain, varous other types of pain. Procedures performed under flouroscopy, mild sedation could be given.Most types of interventional pain procedures are performed here i.e Epidural Steroid inj, Facet inj, Selective nerve blocks,Radiofrequency ablation, Spinal cord stim ( trials ), Intrathecal Pumps ( trials ), Lumbar Sympathetic block, Celiac Plexus block, Stellate Ganglion block, S.I joint, Major joint inj etc. We do give medicines along with different types of procedures but we do not accept patients coming for pain pills only. Patients are monitored via regular Drug screening tests.We are open in Somerset office on Fridays ( 8am-2.30pm )& Mondays ( 8am-4.30pm ) .
Other Location:
Our Main Office -- Spartan Surgery Center, Ste 240 ; 100 Stoops drive; Monongahela, PA 15063. Tel : 724-483-4282, Fax : 724-483-4078. We are open in our Monongahela office Mondays ( 8am-5.30pm ),Tuesdays ( 8am-5.30pm ),Wednesdays (8am-5.30pm ), Thursdays ( 8am-5.30pm ), Fridays ( 8.30am-5.30pm ). We are closed on weekends & major holidays, emergency Fax ; 412-221-1343.
Insurance:All major insurances i.e Highmark, UPMC, Aetna, Coventry, BC/BS,Health America, Unison,Rail Road, Tricare, Workmans Comp, Medicare, Medicaid, Auto insurance etc are accepted.