Dr. Betty Rumschlag, DO

Name:Betty Rumschlag
Specialty:Family Doctor
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Location:7470 Secor Rd
Lambertville, MI 48144

Phone: 734-856-4586

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Rude. Not good at job.
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by dfjghdfgjknf, Jun. 26, 2013

Dr. Rumschlag is the worst doctor I have ever had and between knee problems and other health issue that's saying a lot because I have a plethora of medical professionals.
When I first brought up my breathing troubles she acted as if I was inconveniencing her. She mandated I get multiple tests done and come back once I had completed them.
I spent a month getting the multiples tests done (which is okay, there was a lot). I come back in for my follow up visit and she walks in says, "All the tests were good. You're fine." I kid you not, that was it. No asking how I was feeling. No asking how the two prescription she previously gave me worked. NOTHING! Mind you, I was still experiencing the same breathing difficulties. I couldn't bring my myself and my patience to speak with her any longer so I just left office never to return again.

Luckily, the WONDERFUL medical assistant and I had spoken previous to my horrendous talk with the doctor and she said she thinks I might be experiencing allergies and recommend Claritin, which has seemed to help after I bought it over the counter.

Also, I have been using the same acne medication for almost ten years now and was simply wanted to getting a refill on it. After jumping through many burning hurdles (I literally felt like a circus performer having to bend over backwards) she finally renewed my prescription. However when asked exactly what it was she said "Uhm I can't find it on my iPad so if I can find it I'll call it in. If not then you'll have to use something else." Excuse me!? No. There hasn't been a problem for almost 10 years getting this prescription and there shouldn't be a problem now, especially from a medical professional.

I would NEVER recommend Dr. Rumschlag to ANYONE.  

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