Dr. Christopher R Serafini, DO

Name:Christopher R Serafini
Specialty:Family Doctor
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Location:145 W 23rd St
Suite 101
Erie, PA 16502

Phone: 814-461-6626
Fax: 814-871-6351

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Melinda Marshall
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by MMar25, Jan. 03, 2011

Dr. Serafini is one of the best most professional Doctors I have ever been too, but not too professional that he looses his bed side manner.  He is great, very nice and down to earth!  Would highly reccomend him to anyone!

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by AdvocateforSeniors 2015-03-19 18:37:37
You must not be a medicare patient.  Dr. Serafini cheated me out of my medicare benefits, had me sign a fraudulent contract and never discussed being put on a maintenance plan.  This doctor also used lazer equipment on me which is potentially harmful for a patient who has a pacemaker.  $1,200.00 out of my pocket because medicare doesn't pay enough??  Senior citizens are easy prey, that is why an ABN(advance beneficiary notification ) is suppose to be explained, read by the patient, given choices (options) and given a copy of at EVERY VISIT before an adjustment that might be considered maintenance is administered.
The Arizona Board of examiners (case #2004-088) found Serafini knowingly making a false or misleading statement to the Board.  He did not accurately state the circumstances of his arrest (for a severe DUI)and under ARS 32-924 (A)(5)unprofessional or dishonorable conduct of a character likely to deceive or defraud the public or tending to discredit the profession.

The Board of examiners (in my case) found many violations but because of the money issue the Board could not help me (not in their jurisdiction)and so the Office of the Inspector General will investigate .  Title 18 US Code 1035-False statements relating to health care. Medicare is the government, it's not blue cross-blue shield.  If you are a medicare beneficiary beware of contracts, read everything, don't let the office help rush you and say oh,you don't have to read it, it's just something to sign so you can be seen today.  TRUST NO ONE!!!

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