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by star73, Dec. 11, 2012

I was referred to Dr. Rico by my family doctor.  I had to reschedule an appointment due to my work schedule on friday 120712.  I had the first appointment on 121012 at 0830.  Keep in mind, I got off work at 0600 and went to my appointment with Dr. Rico at 0830 after putting in a 12 hour shift.  I arrived at the appointment at 0800 in order to fill out any necessary paper work.  After waiting for approximately 25 minutes, a nurse comes out with a letter from a previous doctor who worked there before telling me that I had missed a lot of appointments with her, thus they are not going to treat me.  The truth is I only missed a few appointments with the former doctor due to unexpected circumstances after which I called and explained and apologized profusely.  Also, I did have to reschedule some appointments, but who doesn't have to from time to time.  In addition to this, it was claimed that the former doctor stopped treating me because of my supposed no shows.  However, she stopped treating me when she moved to St. Loius!
Before the nurse came out to explain this to me, I could here the doctor bitching in the background about all this.  Also, he seen that I had a thyroid scan in 2009 which indicated growths.  He bitched about how they would be huge by now and he didn't want to have to deal with it!  These ended up being benign growths that were removed along with my thyroid gland which solved my hyperthyroidism!  So, Dr. Rico just assumes I didn't have anything done from a chart he sees from 2009?!?!!!!
The nurse suggested I go to Dr. Pittman for my diabetes care.
Don't worry, I will!!!

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