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by lost1234, Apr. 06, 2011

He was a excellent Doctor. Upon first going to him I was on so many different meds it was un-real. He did everything I ask , and took me off all the meds I requested. After all this being my choice to be taken off meds. I went back to him because I have panic attacks, and felt I needed my nerve meds. And instead of taking loratabs 3 times a day like I used to. I wanted them back to take one at night. This was fine but he said he had to do a drug test. I had ask a friend for a 7.5 loratab for pain two days before going to see him. But to my supprise thats not what it showed up as it was a percocet 7.5 I did not know this. I dont know what all pills look like. So I got the other half out of my purse and sure enough thats what it was. I do not abuse drugs. And I feel that where so many do we all get the downfall of it, and its not fair. I believed in my heart he had seen me to many times to know this is not what I was about. So to tell the truth I am more sick and heart broken that I now will be labeled as one. At a loss right now cause I need what I took. Even had a hard time taking the stuff because of how many abuse them. So I only write this in hopes that you doctors read people a little better. Cause I know you have to have known I am not that kind of person. Thank you for what all you did do for me. But I am still in shock that you think I am one of them. And now I dont even know what to do. Kinda sad that I am ashamed to go see another doctor. In fear that this will be how I am judged from here on out. On top of my panic attacks and taken ultrims for almost 2 years now. I cant believe you just dropped me. I would have took tests once a week did pill counts anything. And you could have told me this face to face not in a letter.

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by lost1234 2011-04-06 13:40:30
I just wanted to add that I had only seen one other doctor before him. And for any reading this thinking what I already know, that I should not have taken the half of pill at all. When I came to him I was on. Loratabs 7.5, Ultrims, darvocets, lexapro,flexeril, valuims .05 , and another muscle relaxer in which I never took. I ask him when coming to see him that I wanted off all that stuff and never took half of it anyway. He knows this but anyone reading this would not understand my point with out knowing all this. So thats why I am lost. If I wanted all that instead of the things that would help me. I could have stayed with the first and only doctor, besides the ones I seen while having my kids.
by dsw1311 2012-10-16 12:04:34
You have to understand doctors hear stories like this all the time. Lots and lots of drug seekers come in looking for pain meds. I'm not saying you are one of those but at the same time doctors have a full time job already. You shouldn't have taken someone else's meds and unfortunately this is what can happen.

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