Dr. Keith Martin Rubin, DO

Name:Keith Martin Rubin
Specialty:Family Doctor
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Location:315 E Olympia Ave Unit 112
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Phone: 941-205-2600
Fax: 941-205-2601

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by Traveler, Sep. 04, 2015

I was his patient for nearly 5 or 6 yrs.  I was a patient before he left to go to Millennium.  I always thought he was the best that MPG had.  That came crashing down 10/31/13.  On that day he forgot what he had diagnosed me with.  I needed his help and his way was not to ask what was going on instead he took the coward's way out by discharging me as a patient instead of doing what he had promised to make sure the condition did not get worse and to cover for a nurse who did not give him an urgent message/  I called that day and asked her if he was going to work the  next day she said yes.  I asked her to give him an urgent message she said no.  I tried to tell her what was wrong and she talked over me.  Finally I said Sabrina it is very urgent I need to talk to him.  She said not gonna happen and hung up.4 days later I received a letter from him discharging me from his practice.  He had promised he would watch for the symptoms to make sure they were not worse yet he did not.  It would not have mattered as much if I had only been his patient a few months or a yr but nearly 5 yrs or 6 at the most.  When I got the letter I was devasted.  Here was a Dr I trusted with my life and my life meant nothing to him in terms of medical necessity.    I am going to file a formal complaint against him for negligence, slander, defamation of character and downright lies.  I have a written paper dated 8/28/13 that is so slanderish that I am totally astonished at his behavior that is not professionalism.  It says I hung up on his staff I never did.  I have seen a few ARNP's and they are much better in attitude than he is.  I also am filing a complaint against Sabrina Burke.  If he told her to act like that he will get all that is coming to him legally.  I would have sued him and her if I could have afforded it.  She put my life at risk and by now he knows why.  The whole upper echelon of that practice needs to be cut down to size legally.  If they are allowed to continue they put more patients lives at stake.  The upper echelon are not interested in what happens to patients only that they keep their jobs even if they have to lie to do it.I am no longer his patient nor would I want to be.  But, someone needs to know to make sure they do not do this again.  They put my life in danger.

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