Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Khan, MD

Name:Mohammed Abdul Rahman Khan
Specialty:Psychiatrist / Neurologist—Psychiatry
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Location:35 N 6th St # 101
Reading, PA 19601

Phone: 610-372-2525
Fax: 610-372-2345

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by catsnaz5, Oct. 09, 2013

I am outright enraged about the way our government busted in and emptied out his practice files and computers just after notifying the local news of a raid on his practice - before ever officially charging him with anything! A move that was clearly out of spite knowing how hard he worked to build a successful practice catering mosttly to the poor inter city patients mostly with the medicaid benefits from Welfare along with all those who are so screwed up that the don't have a clue about how to take care of themselves, let alone navigate the often very confusing and overwhelmed Welfare red tape and appointments. Also, due to the always worsening heroin problem in the city he went through special training to become licenced to prescribe and treat opiate addicts the most successful drug and therapy to date for the sick addicts who want so badly to stop but simply cannot, until Dr. Kahn brought Suboxone treatment to medicaid recipiants and fought the insurance companies to insist that to these addicts they have a life threatening illness and Suboxone truly can be a life-saving medication! It was clear that this made him unpopular to the Welfare office and the conservative law enforcement agencies who never have an interest in helping so many sick people but only arrest them and and insult them on their way to jail!. Somehow Dr. Kahn made enemies out of these people despite being the nicest most genuine, caring Dr. I ever had and the only one whose given me long term stability in my life. I once had a breakdown when the Dr. was on two week vacation visiting family in India and I was losing it quickly when his staff insisted I come to the office right away. I arrived and was ushered back to his empty office at which time they began a conference call with him from India, about a pathetic patient who didn't have or deserve self respect. Yet he spent 20 minutes calming me down and getting new prescriptions ordered for me. How many drs. ever do anything near as dedicated and selfless and genuinely caring for any patient??? Anyone who knows him could not in a million years believe he did any wrongdoing knowingly and I sure hope to one day have him as a Dr. again!!! Pray for a fair judge who might see through the fabricated and trumpet up charges and let him go back to truly helping people who need him!!! Ross Nazimov

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