Dr. Pamil P Sidhu, MD

Name:Pamil P Sidhu
Specialty:Family Doctor
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Location:120 W Mission Ave
Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: 509-326-4343

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1 client review of Dr. Pamil P Sidhu scored 2 out of 5.

needs work on bedside manner
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by buzrd, Dec. 03, 2011

dr siduh needs to come down from her high horse and be more willing to listen to her patients she is very judgemental and not willing to listen to any imput that they may have on thier health she has in my opinion a "im right you are wrong "attitude she has made me feel very uncomfortable and as a 46yr old diabetic i know what i have tried to accomplish with my own health she pushes the veegan lifestyle and has seriously upset the delicate balance in my bloodsugars by switching up my medications set up previously by my former dr . she acts like im an idiot and have no clue or am unwilling to try to take are of my self . she is condecending ,judgemental ,and comes off a bit rude. i feel this is in part due to the fact that i am a man with a past history of drug use with an obvious biker look to my self ...i have been clean for 5 yrs now and i take great offense to being profiled drug testing me every time i refill my persciptions is just rediculous especialy since they come up clean i got less hassle from the legal system as a criminal than i do with this woman the issue here is not my lifestyle looks or beliefs but my health lets focus on this a dialog not a dictation is called for here can we do this? i think not untill she remembers that she is not a member of the legal profession but a member of the health profession i hope at some point she learns compassion but until such time i can not nor will i recomend people to her srvices

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