Dr. Todd Mcniff, MD, MSPH

Name:Todd Mcniff
Review:1 client review
Location:314 West 14th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Phone: 646-863-7140

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by DaveCullen, Sep. 15, 2010

I was really impressed by Dr. McNiff for a slew of different reasons.

I moved to the city from Denver, and was afraid it might be more assemblyline here--less time with the doc. Quite the opposite. He spent much more time gathering my history, and asked probing questions. He was trying to get to know my particulars, not just running through a checklist.

He was clearly very sharp, and compassionate, too. That last part may sound like a nice-to-have, but I have found the difference between a good doc and a great one is often how much they bother to apply their intelligence to my situation.

Dr. McNiff also made me feel more comfortable than any previous doctor about discussing touchy topics--to where I was completely candid about some things I have kept to myself with other docs. He made it clear that he expected me to be human and fail at some things and he wasn't judging me, just needed to know.

Finally, his email access is a godsend. Their are always follow-up issues, minor questions I forgot to ask and details I forgot to provide when I was in the office. In the past, this has been maddening: you have to call the office, confuse and frustrate the receptionist, wait for a call-back from the nurse practitioner, explain the issue to him/her, ge a sketchy answer from someone who doesn't really know, or wait for a second call-back from the doctor. And God help you if you're not around for either of the call-backs. What an inefficient process! A two-line email can/does circumvent all that. Why didn't the medical community embrace this sooner?

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